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Leaders in Gastrointestinal Care London (LGCL)

Leaders Gastroenterology London (LGL)

World Class Experienced Consultants

Gastroenterology, Endoscopy, Colorectal / General Surgery, Radiology & Oncology Services

Endoscopy Insourcing

  • > Teams Of Highly Experienced Accredited Consultants & Nurses
  • > Extensive Experience With Insourcing Endoscopy, Day Surgery & Outpatient Services
  • > Providing Support To NHS Trusts In Delivering 2 Week Wait And Waiting List Targets
  • > One-stop Referral To Treatment (RTT) Cost Saving Pathway
  • > Working In Partnership With NHS Trust Teams To Achieve Endoscopy JAG Accreditation
  • > Short And Long-term Solutions With Reliable Fast Track Team Deployment
  • > High Quality Service Coupled With Competitive Rates

Please contact us for further information or to arrange a meeting:
, Telephone: 07483247410 / 07960266396/ 0203 7718818

For Doctors, Nursing and Supportive staff applications, please forward expression of interest to: 
Telephone: 07483247410 / 07960266396 / 
0203 7718818 

Please note all HR related matters are handled by our partner company: Elective Services

Tel / Fax No: 0203 771 881 8

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