What you eat can have a significant impact on your health, especially if you are affected by a digestive disorder. Our dietetics service can help you to get the nutrition you need so that you feel as good as possible.

Who Should See a Dietitian?

A dietitian is a qualified health professional who is an expert in food and nutrition. If you need advice on what you should be eating, it is a good idea to see a dietitian. You might need help avoiding foods that trigger your symptoms, advice on eating a balanced diet despite a gastroenterological condition, or support with treatments such as enteral feeding or parenteral nutrition. Getting dietary advice can be particularly important when you have a condition that affects your digestive system.

You may be advised to see a dietitian if you have been diagnosed with Coeliac disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), gluten sensitivity or a food intolerance, intestinal failure, liver disease, metabolic disorder, or other conditions that affect your digestion. Seeing a dietitian can also be important if you have had surgery on your bowel or another part of your digestive system as this can affect the way your body breaks down and absorbs food.

How Our Dietitian Services Can Help

Our dietetics service can provide practical advice on your diet so that you can make the right choices about what you eat. The dietary advice we provide is based on the best scientific and medical knowledge, so it can help to improve your health. The right diet could even help to relieve symptoms of food intolerances, IBS and other digestive conditions. We can provide all of the dietetics support that is required when you are undergoing gastrointestinal surgery or being treated for a gastroenterological or liver problem. Our dietetics services include:

  • > Oral nutrition support
  • > Enteral feeding including nasogastric, nasojejunal, percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy, and radiologically inserted gastrostomy.
  • > Parenteral nutrition

Our dietetics service is led by Naomi Joseph, who has spent more than a decade working as a specialist dietitian in both the NHS and the private sector. The dietetics service works closely with the other specialists at LGCL to ensure that you are getting all of the support you need. Your dietitian will provide advice and practical tips on your diet that complement the care being provided by your gastroenterologist or other specialists.

Seeing a Dietitian

You can arrange a consultation with a dietitian in London directly or with a referral from your GP or another specialist. It is very common for gastroenterologists and other doctors to suggest you see an expert for advice on your diet, a thorough assessment or your nutritional health, or support with a specific condition or treatment. If you want to see a dietitian, it is very easy to make an appointment at the LGCL. All you need to do is get in touch to arrange a consultation at a time that suits you.

When you see a dietitian, you should expect to spend some time discussing your diet and how what you eat affects your body. You will have a chance to ask any questions while you are talking. You may have a simple check up, which will usually include weighing you. A more thorough assessment will be required if you have difficulty eating or you need enteral or parenteral feeding. The dietitian may recommend a specific diet or nutritional supplements. If you have more complex needs, you may need further care such as oral nutrition support or parenteral nutrition. The dietitian may ask you to come back for follow up appointments to check on your progress.

If you need advice on your diet, get in touch to arrange an appointment with an experienced dietitian in London.

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